Hosting Kiwi TCMS in our ECS cluster with RDS

FROM kiwitcms/kiwi:latest
COPY --chown=1001 tcms/settings/ /venv/lib64/python3.8/site-packages/tcms/settings/
RUN pip install django_ses
RUN pip install boto3
import os
import boto3
boto_session = boto3.Session()
ssm_client = boto_session.client('ssm')
db_parameter = ssm_client.get_parameter(Name="/kiwi/KIWI_DB_NAME", WithDecryption=True)
username_parameter = ssm_client.get_parameter(Name="/kiwi/KIWI_DB_USER", WithDecryption=True)
password_parameter = ssm_client.get_parameter(Name="/kiwi/KIWI_DB_PASSWORD", WithDecryption=True)
host_parameter = ssm_client.get_parameter(Name="/kiwi/KIWI_DB_HOST", WithDecryption=True)
# Database settings
"default": {
"ENGINE": os.environ.get("KIWI_DB_ENGINE", "django.db.backends.mysql"),
"NAME": db_parameter['Parameter']['Value'],
"USER": username_parameter['Parameter']['Value'],
"PASSWORD": password_parameter['Parameter']['Value'],
"HOST": host_parameter['Parameter']['Value'],
"PORT": 3306,
"OPTIONS": {},
# Email settings
# DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL must be defined if you want Kiwi TCMS to send emails.
# You also need to configure the email backend. For more information see:
# SERVER_EMAIL is used by the logging backend to send exceptions to ADMINS
EMAIL_BACKEND = 'django_ses.SESBackend'
AWS_SES_REGION_NAME = 'us-west-2'
  1. Change the health-check path to ‘“/static/images/favicon.ico” to fix the health check issue ( this is a small static file from Kiwi/Django, which returns a 200 response).
  2. Add KIWI_DONT_ENFORCE_HTTPS environment variable in ECS task definition, as SSL is handled at the load-balancer itself:
environment: [
{ name : "KIWI_DONT_ENFORCE_HTTPS", value : "true" }

Continuous Delivery and technology enthusiast

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Sharath AV

Sharath AV

Continuous Delivery and technology enthusiast

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